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HyPES systems incompass proprietary design and technology which offer many advantages over competition

Enairys’ Hydro-Pneumatic Energy Storage (HyPES) system is made up of 3 main parts:

  • A modular storage unit : bundles of high pressure steel cylinders or fibber (carbon or glass) wounded cylinders for the storage of compressed air. The total volume of the storage unit defines the energy capacity of the system (kWh).

  • A water conditioning unit, which aims at cleaning and maintaining the system’s water at ambient temperature. It comprises a water tank, a water filter and an ambient heat exchanger.

  • A modular power conversion and management unit, which uses the system’s water to efficiently convert the electric power generated by different types of sources into high pressure air. And, when needed, it efficiently converts back the compressed air into electricity to supply the load or feed the grid. The size of this unit defines the power rating (kW) of the system. 

This modular design and the separation of the power part (kW) from the energy part (kWh) provide a great flexibility in the sizing and the operation of the system.


HyPES systems encompass proprietary design and technology which offer many advantages over competition

Clean and sustainable solution

The HyPES technology uses natural components (water and air) and easy to recycle metals (aluminum, steel). It relies on hydro-pneumatic and power electronics technological bases, proven and well established in the industry, which ensure a high reliability for more than 20 years with no impact on the environment.

Integrated turnkey solution

HyPES system takes care of power quality, security, management and backup. Users only have to plug in their power sources and loads. Nothing could be simpler.

Economical solution

HyPES system is the most cost effective integrated power management and backup solution on the market, thanks to the combination of a competitive price, a long service life and very low maintenance and operation costs.