Clean energy storage & management solutions… based on Compressed air

Behind-the-meter services

HyPES-G systems can provide grid-tied electricity consumers with many behind-the-meter services like back-up security, time of use load shifting to shave peak loads and reduce the electricity cost (tariff avoidance).  Thanks to its integrated energy and power management module, HyPES-G systems can also offer sensitive and strategic consumers (hospitals, datacentres, building, factories, farms, etc.) located in weak grid area with premium power supply quality and reliability, by addressing issues like voltage sags and power cuts in replacement of Diesel Generators.

To achieve this goal, cheap off-peak electricity is purchased at night to charge the system. As the night-time ambient temperature is low, the compression heat is low and easily exported, and the storage efficiency is higher.  The system is discharged during peak hours to avoid purchasing expensive electricity from the grid. As the day-time ambient temperature is high expansion cold is low and easy to exported, and the discharge efficiency is high.

In addition to electrical energy storage and management, HyPES-G systems can also provide some heat directly to applications like house heating, hot water production, etc., and some cold directly to applications like freezing, cooling, air conditioning, etc. Excess heat from these heating applications can be also imported during discharge to improve the discharge efficiency. This unique capability of HyPES systems to implement efficient synergies between electrical and thermal applications allow achieving outstanding conversion efficiency and therefore optimise the energy cost for the whole application.

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