Clean energy storage & management solutions… based on Compressed air

HyPES-G systems

HyPES-G systems are specially designed to perform bi-directional, variable active and reactive power exchanges with the distribution grid as illustrated, and thus provide various grid and consumers services.

HyPES-G systems can provide Distribution Systems Operators (DSOs) with sustainable and cost-effective means for grid stability and flexibility, and thus avoid or differ grid reinforcement costs. They can also protect sensible and strategic end-users like hospitals located in weak grid areas against power supply failures by backing up the supply, or reduce the power bill of big electricity consumers like datacentres by shifting their load to off-peak hours.

Depending on the application context, HyPES-G systems can also deliver thermal by-products (heat/cold) in addition to electricity storage and management services. In district applications, HyPES-G systems will allow implementing energy synergies between the electrical network and the district cooling and heating networks to optimise the overall energy efficiency of the district.

HyPES-G systems are particularly suitable to the following types of applications:

More technical specifications of HyPES-G systems can be found here.