Clean energy storage & management solutions… based on Compressed air

Distribution and smart grid services

As the share of variable renewable energy sources is increasing on the distribution grid level, the need of distributed energy storage systems located near these sources to stabilise the grid is also growing very fast. Distributed storage solutions are also necessary to provide the grid with the flexibility that is mandatory for a successful implementation of smart grid strategies.

HyPES-G systems are specially designed to perform bi-directional, variable active and reactive power transfers with the distribution grid so as to provide various grid services. They can provide Distribution Systems Operators (DSOs) with sustainable and cost-effective means to ensure grid stability and flexibility and therefore, to avoid or differ grid reinforcement costs.

In addition to the electricity storage and management, HyPES-G systems can also perform be-directional, thermal (heat/cold) energy transfer on network level. Thus, in district context for instance, HyPES-G systems can allow implementing energy synergies between the electrical network and the district cooling and heating networks. This unique feature contributes to optimise the overall energy efficiency of the district, reduce its energy costs and its carbon footprint.

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