Clean energy storage & management solutions… based on Compressed air


Enairys Powertech Ltd is a cleantech company based at the Innovation Park of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (EPFL). Founded in 2008, the company is mainly active in the energy industry, with a particular focus on clean energy storage and management solutions that use compressed air as main energy vector.

The energy storage industry has been gaining more and more importance and growing steadily this last decade. This trend is driven by the global political and social commitment to implement more decarbonized, decentralized and digitalized energy strategies, in order to address the environmental and climate change issues that the world is facing.

Enairys contribution to address this global challenge is to provide clean and affordable, integrated energy storage and management systems based on compressed air (HyPES); thanks to its innovative and patented air compressor/expander technologies. These sustainable storage solutions mainly aim at enhancing a massive exploitation of intermittent renewable energy sources like photovoltaic and wind sources, and at improving the energy efficiency and independence of electricity consumers, while preserving the environment.


Clean and affordable electricity to everyone, everywhere and all the time, while preserving the environment.

Our vision is to foster a sustainable power supply model relying mainly on renewable energies sources and energy efficient solutions, which enables people worldwide to lead a better, safer and easier life while preserving the environment.


Our mission is to provide sustainable and affordable electricity storage and management solutions, to improve consumer’s efficiency and enhance a massive exploitation of renewable energy sources.