Clean energy storage & management solutions… based on Compressed air

Grid integration of renewable energies

To increase the share of renewable energies in our global energy consumption, renewable production must be massively integrated into the power grid, to be transported on urban consumption areas. The grid integration of photovoltaic and wind powers is increasingly challenging particularly in rural areas where the meshing of the distribution network is low. The intermittent nature of these sources induces important issues related to voltage and frequency regulation, which require in most of the cases a reinforcement of the connecting line.

HyPES-R systems can enable the operators of small and medium size renewable (wind or photovoltaic) power plans to minimize grid costs, by smoothing, dispatching or time-shifting the renewables’ production in order to better match the demand curve, or to target the high price time slots. HyPES-R systems are the ideal energy storage and management solution to increase the grid penetration of renewable energies because they can achieve this goal in a more sustainable and cost-effective way compare to competing solutions that are mainly based on electrochemical batteries.

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