Clean energy storage & management solutions… based on Compressed air

HyPES-R systems

HyPES-R systems are specially designed to manage the production of intermittent renewable energy sources. They integrate all power converters necessary to directly interface various DC and AC renewable sources like photovoltaic panels and wind turbines simultaneously, to their internal DC bus (Internal DC coupling).

HyPES-R systems can smooth, dispatch or time-shift the production of intermittent renewable sources. The resulting power can be either injected into the grid (grid-tied applications), or used to provide clean energy autonomy (off-grid consumers) in replacement to Diesel generators for instance.

Depending on the application context, HyPES-R systems can also deliver thermal by-products (heat/cold) in addition to electricity storage and management services. In residential applications for instance, the residual air compression heat can be used to minimize energy consumption of the domestic hot water (DHW) production system, and the residual air expansion cold can be used to minimize energy consumption of the air conditioning systems. The resulting overall energy efficiency is therefore very high.

HyPES-R systems are particularly suitable to the following types of applications:

More technical specifications of HyPES-R systems can be found here.