Clean energy storage & management solutions… based on Compressed air

Clean energy autonomy

The cost of renewable energy and particularly photovoltaic electricity has drastically dropped in the past few years, coming far below electricity retail price for households in many countries. This drop in prize combined with storage incentive programs in some countries, is seeing the “Photovoltaic + Storage” business case gathering pace, either as retrofit installations for grid services or for electricity self-sufficiency particularly in remote areas.

HyPES-R systems are the best storage solution to enable end-users in cities, islands or remote areas achieving sustainable, fuel-free energy autonomy from intermittent renewable energy sources, such as wind and photovoltaic sources. Thanks to its integrated modular power conditioning and management unit, HyPES-R systems can combine several renewable power sources as well as an optional Genset back-up supply to ensure a fulltime and high-quality supply to off-grid applications.

In addition to electrical energy storage and management, HyPES-G systems can also provide some heat directly to applications like house heating, hot water production, etc., and some cold directly to applications like freezing, cooling, air conditioning, etc. Excess heat from these heating applications can be also imported during discharge to improve the discharge efficiency. This unique capability of HyPES systems to implement efficient synergies between electrical and thermal applications allow achieving outstanding conversion efficiency and therefore optimise the energy cost for the whole application.

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